Professional Training and Experience in:

Alcohol and Drunk Driving Testing

  • Teach Department of Transportation certified breathalyzer classes to city/county and state police officers
  • Certify officers as Breathalyzer Operators in conjunction with the Health Department Rules and Regulations
  • Maintained instruments for accurate alcohol testing
  • Prepared and delivered known alcohol solutions for calibrations
  • Testified in courts numerous times, regarding alcohol in blood, breath and urine and effects of alcohol on the body

Services Offered

  • Elimination of alcohol
  • Absorption of alcohol in the body
  • Retrograde Extrapolation of times and percentages of alcohol amounts
  • Amount of alcohol needed to reach a given percentage for both men and women
  • Determine the blood alcohol levels at times before the drawing of the blood, such as the time of death or time of an accident
  • Amount of drinks to reach a recorded BAC
  • Amount of alcohol eliminated for a given time
  • Provide opinion testimony regarding the level of intoxication of a subject


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